Track & Trace

ORIWIN's proprietary solution tailor-made for pharmaceutical companies. The solution complies with the latest regulations of the European Union Commission, which lays down the rules on safety features appearing on the packaging of medicinal products for human use. The benefits of the solution are already being used by several domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

Solution features

  • Records of production of medicinal products
  • Security
  • Fast implementation
  • Meets EU regulations
  • Possibility to extend functionality
  • Integration at EMVO

Track and Trace system from ORIWIN

Marking, verification, tracing

T&T is a solution that with its functionality, safety and performance will allow to fully label and verify the packaging of medicines on the manufacturer's side, as well as to subsequently control them and unambiguously trace their origin (route in the chain) for the distributor or the end user (patient).

Comprehensive solution

We cover all levels comprehensively, i.e. from the supply and integration of HW and SW into the customer's existing lines, to communication with the MAH (Market Authorisation Holder and EU hub (EMVO).

Continuous update of the solution

We continuously monitor current legislative changes and their subsequent incorporation into the products we offer. The new features are also the result of the knowledge and experience of the real-life operation of our product for serialization of medicines, Track&Trace, in practice. Our goal is to continuously improve the efficiency and comfort of our customers' work.

All functions

  • Serial Number Management
  • Central Rreporting
  • Connection to the enterprise information system
  • Communication with MAH
  • Data archiving
  • Central EPCIS* repository
  • Connection to packaging lines
  • Connection to the warehouse system
  • Communication with EMVO (EU hub)
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