SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is an application lifecycle management platform that is used to implement, maintain and integrate SAP systems, troubleshoot issues, and ensure secure, clean and smooth operations.

Solution features

  • SAP Solution
  • Cloud Solution

Sap Solution Manager

Life Cycle Management

SAP Solution Manager is the place to centrally manage the lifecycle of SAP systems and solutions running locally or in the Cloud. It accelerates innovation, manages application lifecycles, and manages end-to-end solutions, on one integrated business and IT platform.

Change Management

Document and control the approval process for changes that need to be made to your system. Troubleshooting is easier with change history. This makes it easier for the administrator to discover where the error occurred.

Reduce both risk and costs

Simplify the implementation, operation, monitoring and support of enterprise solutions with standard methods and feature sets. With SAP Solution Manager features and methods, you can reduce total cost of ownership, minimize risk, and increase solution reliability.

All functions

  • SAP software license management and update management
  • Regular high level reporting - SAP Early Watch Alert
  • Change Request ManagemetService Desk focused on end users
  • Access and central platform for remote support from SAP Global Services
  • Central monitoring and alerting of SAP system status
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