SAP Netweaver Process Integration

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration or SAP Process Orchestration is software designed to simplify communication between internal software, company systems and systems of external parties. SAP PI/PO mediates communication between entities with different connectivity, format and protocol requirements. Our specialists have many years of hands-on experience with the PI/PO platform, which is why we can also boast the successful implementation of the largest and most complex SAP platform integrations in our region.

SAP Netweaver Process Integration

Solution features

  • Integration of systems
  • On-premise deployment
  • High security
  • Reliability of the solution
  • A robust solution for the most demanding clients
  • SAP Solution
  • High robustness

Connect applications and processes

The purpose of SAP NetWeaver PI/PO is to connect applications and processes to each other. However, the problem is that almost every application has its own data format. So SAP NetWeaver PI/PO must also function as a translator that is specialized for format conversion between applications.

Increased business productivity

Instead of having to duplicate data from one place to another and wait for information from other departments, employees can now spend more time on key tasks that will help the business grow. System integration leads to better decision making at different levels, which often leads to accelerated business growth.

Cost reduction

Because our solutions allow the reuse of existing IT components, they reduce integration costs.

All functions

  • Integration strategy and rules
  • Implementation of interfaces
  • Interconnecting systems using communication protocols
  • Expert services
  • Analysis and solution design
  • Ensuring communication with different requirements
  • Centralised monitoring based on SAP Solution Manager
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