Inventory of assets - FAIN

FAIN (Fixed Assets Inventory) is designed for all SAP ERP customers who use the FI-AA or RE-FX module for asset and real estate registration. The solution is built on the innovative SAP Business Technology Platform and is ready for migration to the SAP S/4HANA environment. FAIN extends the standard functionality of the SAP system, supports tagging and automates the asset inventory process.

Solution features

  • Inventory of assets
  • Validated solution by ZEBRA
  • Speeding up inventory
  • SAP Solution
  • Cloud solution
  • Property control
  • Reducing the error rate
  • Use of barcodes or RFID
  • Mobile solution
Automatic IT system concept

Easier asset registration

FAIN will facilitate the registration and inventory of assets in the SAP ERP system. It will greatly reduce the risk of errors caused by the human factor in the recording of assets without the need for any paper records. Inventory data collection is solved by mobile terminals equipped with barcode scanner or RFID (demo FAIN).

Possibility of wireless communication with SAP IS

The data transfer between the mobile terminal and the SAP IS is carried out wirelessly, i.e. via WiFi or GSM network using the OData protocol. At the same time, the original function of data transfer via USB cable by physically connecting the PC and the terminal is retained.

Online asset update directly in SAP IS

Asset managers can use instant checking or updating of assets in online mode directly in IS SAP. The physical inspection of assets and the subsequent entry of changes made directly into the asset card can be carried out immediately, without the need for prior data preparation in IS SAP.

All functions

  • Extends the functionality of the FI-AA or RE-FX module
  • Using the SAP GUI interface
  • Printing of property and room labels
  • Intuitive control (Finger-Touch)
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