by square for SAP

ORIWIN, in cooperation with the creator of the by square standard, ADELANTE, offers a package solution that allows you to implement the PAY by square and INVOICE by square standards directly into your information system.

Solution features

  • Package solution
  • SAP Solution
  • INVOICE by square
  • Customisation
  • PAY by square

Pay by square

All data in one square

If you place the code PAY by square on your invoice, you will make it faster and easier for your customers to pay it, because PAY by square contains all payment details required for the bank transfer. Today, all major Slovak banks allow you to make a payment by scanning a QR code.

Invoice processing made easy

By placing the code INVOICE by square on your invoice, you will be able to clarify and simplify the work especially for your business partners and customers, who record and charge a number of invoices on a daily basis. After scanning the QR code, your partners will be able to process your invoicing data much easier and, most importantly, error-free, so payments to your account can arrive accurately and on time.

Automation of data entry

If your business partners or suppliers will print the code INVOICE by square on invoices addressed to you, you can achieve more accurate and faster invoice processing. You can automate, refine and speed up the entire process of entering data on incoming invoices in your information system.

All functions

  • Create and print PAY by square and INVOICE by square
  • Libraries by square
  • Edit forms
  • Loading PAY by square and INVOICE by square
  • ABAP programs
  • Customisation of the solution
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