We continuously monitor current legislative changes and their subsequent incorporation into the products we offer. The new features are also the result of the knowledge and experience of the real-life operation of our product for serialization of medicines, TRACK&TRACE, in practice. Our goal is to continuously improve the efficiency and comfort of our customers' work. 

Functionality update to the new version of the EMVO Communication Library 3.0 (document EMVO_0122 of 17/DEC/2018, EMVO - European Medicines Verification Organisation)

  • New Distributor Directory (creation, change, deletion)
  • Extension of master data to allow assignment of the distributor as reserved and the "Common name" parameter to the final product and country 
  • Extended check for the need to update the final product master data in EMVO whenever a parameter is changed 
  • Adding new data to EMVO for transfer of product master data
  • Extension of control for new SN (Serial Number) registration operations and status changes on EMVO regarding new statuses
  • Extension of the data filtering function according to selection criteria for sending SN statuses to EMVO
  • Addition of a checking function to verify the status of SNs registered in T&T against the registration in EMVO

New bulk status change feature 

  • SN status support - Locked, Stolen, Free_sample Checked_out, Exported
  • Change of statuses via manual scanning of Datamatrix codes or box code (only in case of implemented aggregation)
  • New SN bulk check function 

Extending the functionality of the group pack 

  • Extended status check in packed boxes 
  • Ability to perform label printing when packing in a box for non-serialized medicines
  • New function for dispatch support - assigning group packs to individual distributors