Extensibility with SAP Workflow 

The new version allows the extension of the FAIN solution to inventory assets that are not marked with barcodes. The processing of inventory data during the inventory of such assets is carried out in a new way via SAP Workflow or via the Intranet. With this extension, it is possible to involve all company employees in the inventory process and check all assets within a short time. Since the inventory data is interconnected, the customer has the interim inventory results for all asset groups available in one place at any time. 

Possibility of wireless communication with SAP IS 

The data transfer between the mobile terminal and the SAP IS is carried out wirelessly, i.e. via WiFi or GSM network using the OData protocol. At the same time, the original function of data transfer via USB cable by physically connecting the PC and the terminal is retained. 

Online asset update directly in SAP IS

Asset managers can use instant checking or updating of assets in online mode directly in IS SAP. The physical inspection of assets and the subsequent entry of changes made directly into the asset card can be carried out immediately, without the need for prior data preparation in IS SAP. 

RFID functionality extension for Android 

The new version adds the functions of bulk loading of assets via RFID tags for inventory, copy of RFID label (e.g. from paper RFID label to RFID tag), or writing the data of selected assets to a new RFID tag.

new product version fain

Other new functionalities

  • Enhanced view of inventoried assets statistics when selecting rooms.
  • Backup and restore data to SD card, automatic SD card detection.
  • Advanced asset search by confirmation method.
  • List of currently registered facilities.
  • Automatically change the room in the property list after scanning the room label.
  • Extension of parameters for customization of the solution.
  • New options for the message board.