In this 60-minute webinar, we will introduce you to our new partner - an expert in effective employee mobility and the products we include in our portfolio.

Increase productivity by simply digitising processes. Resco Mobile Sales and Resco Inspections are innovative all-in-one mobile apps that help to simplify and streamline processes for mobile employees, providing them with all the information they need, anywhere, anytime, without the use of pen and paper.

Title: How to increase business efficiency by digitising processes
Duration: 60 minutes
Who is the webinar for: executives in IT, business, healthcare, food, services, energy, manufacturing, logistics, property management and anyone interested in innovation
Presentation: in Slovak language
Registration: Free

You will learn:
- Who is our new partner
- What new products we are adding to our portfolio
- How to make the work of field workers more efficient when carrying out inspections
- How to increase the effectiveness of marketing and sales teams
- How to be in control of your team, track their progress
- How to get insightful data and reports to improve process performance
- How to reduce the amount of time spent on administration
- How easy it is to implement the system in your company

Bonus: Technological innovations from


17. 06. 2021 10:00


A link to watch the webinar will be sent to you after registration.