Due to the growing need for fast dispatch and receipt of material as well as optimization of inventory, LEONI Slovakia, spol. s r. o., branch plant Trenčianska Teplá, decided to implement a mobile solution for controlled warehouses from ORIWIN.

Thanks to our many years of experience with mobile solutions on the SAP platform, we have implemented a solution that allows you to identify materials and manage material flows using the latest barcode and RFID technologies in SAP. Our mobile warehouse and dispatch system supports all basic warehouse material management operations. Using mobile terminals, warehouse personnel capture or enter the data needed to execute transactions in SAP, thereby recording and managing material flows in the enterprise in real time.

The implemented solution is based on SAPUI5 technology, which provides the necessary functionality of a controlled warehouse in a new application design working with modern mobile devices (mobile industrial terminal, mobile phone, tablet). The connection to the SAP system via the standard ODATA protocol ensures that the solution is open to new online technologies in the future. 

The extension of the WM module has created new possibilities for the registration, optimization and management of physical inventories and processes in IS SAP. With the quick implementation of our solution, the customer gained accurate warehouse records as well as the possibility of real-time management of warehouse processes and traceability of products - traceability. By deploying a solution with easy operation for end-users, the error rate was reduced and customers also appreciated the minimal requirements for system operation and maintenance.