Since 2009, our customer, Západoslovenská energetika, a.s., the leading electricity company in Slovakia, with its subsidiaries ZSE Energia, a.s. and Západoslovenská distribučná, a.s., has been successfully using our FAIN solution, designed for the registration and inventory of assets in the SAP system.

The implemented FAIN solution extends the standard functionality of the asset registration and property management modules of the SAP system, supports the marking of a defined range of assets with barcodes and automates the process of their inventory. Inventory data collection is solved by mobile terminals equipped with barcode scanners. The customer appreciates the advantages and benefits of the implemented system, such as facilitating the registration and inventory of assets in the SAP system, or reducing the risk of errors caused by the human factor, without the need for any paper records. Therefore, in 2017, the customer decided to extend the solution for asset inventory purposes to enable a complete inventory of all the company's assets.

A project was created to extend the FAIN solution to inventory assets that are not barcoded. The processing of inventory data during the inventory of such assets is carried out in a new way via SAP Workflow and via the Intranet. With this extension, it is possible to involve all company employees in the inventory process and check all assets within a short time. Since the inventory data is interconnected, the customer has the interim inventory results for all asset groups available in one place at any time. Each individual asset of the company is assigned to one of three asset groups during the inventory process, depending on how it is planned to be controlled and which person is responsible for its control. Assets held by employees with SAP access are inventoried via SAP Workflow. Assets held by staff without SAP access are inventoried via an application on the intranet. The inventory of assets marked with barcodes is maintained, i.e. it is still carried out by reading the barcodes.

In this way, the customer benefits from all the original advantages of the solution in addition to the new functionalities. In addition to the above functionality, it has gained new reporting of the interim and final status of the asset inventory, email notification for all users taking into account the organizational structure and a tool for representation. However, the biggest benefit is the inventorying of all company assets in one place with one system and the involvement of a maximum number of employees, which makes it possible to carry out the inventory and control of assets in a minimum amount of time.