GS1 is represented by local member organisations in 116 countries with more than two million user companies and 6 billion transactions every day.

It helps to ensure that there is a common language of business around the world.

We have been working with the company for several years and have finally upgraded our cooperation to a certified partnership. As a certified partner, we are committed to meeting high standards of expertise, guaranteeing our customers the correct and full implementation of GS1 standards and being a carrier of innovation while maintaining a high level of integrity and accountability.
On this occasion, we answered several questions about the history and future of our cooperation with GS1 Slovakia.

For your customers, you are not only a supplier of information technology and services, but above all a partner. Which products and solutions from your portfolio are currently the most in demand?
We offer systems for various business areas, whether it is logistics, trade or production. Each sector has its favourite, but overall we see the highest interest in FAIN, which is used for asset registration and inventory, Mobile Warehouse Management for material flow management, and Track&Trace, which is used by pharmaceutical customers for labelling and verification of medicines using GS1 DataMatrix codes.

Your solutions are suitable for companies of all sizes in every industry. As you yourself state, the size of the project is not decisive, what is important is the high quality of the services provided. What are the most important clients you have worked with?
First of all, every customer is important to us. But we can boast of our cooperation with companies such as Západoslovenská distribučná, Kia Slovakia, Czech Post, the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic and many others.

Is the GS1 Slovakia Partner Programme your first cooperation with the association?
No, we have been working with the association since 2005. We use our cooperation with GS1 Slovakia mainly for validation of codes used in our customers' systems, besides we also participated in building the first GS1 Laboratory, so we decided to upgrade our cooperation to the level of partnership.

Why did you decide to cooperate with GS1 Slovakia on the level of certified partnership?
It was an obvious choice, as we want to help our customers deploy standards. We have already worked with GS1 Slovakia on GS1 DataMatrix codes for the Track&Trace solution. The printed GS1 DataMatrix codes using the Track&Trace solution have been validated by GS1 Slovakia and are now being used in the daily checking of our customers' medicines by pharmacies across Europe by scanning the data of every prescription medicine dispensed. So it was a natural next step in our collaboration.

What are your short-term plans in cooperation with GS1 Slovakia?
Like other certified partners, we want to build awareness of GS1 standards, whether through webinars or at the various conferences we attend. In addition, we want to further assist customers in the use and implementation of the standards and, if possible, demonstrate the practical use of the standards in the modernized Centre for Education and Innovation GS1 Slovakia in Žilina.

Would you recommend the affiliate program to other companies?
Yes, only standardisation is one of the first steps to further mass expansion of automation, not only in large enterprises, but also for small businesses and ordinary consumers.

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